Amityville Movies are bleeding from the walls!


I’ve always sort of considered my Amityville obsession fetish fandom to be somewhat of an anomaly. I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve talked to over the years whose eyes lit up when I mentioned the case or film and even then they rarely have more than a passing interest in it; that movie with the flies and the pig. The very fact that the original was remade at all was like Christmas for me, even if the finished product was as much about the Lutzes and their experiences as IT was about clowns. When the initial media flood of renewed interest in the then 30 year old story faded I expect that was the last we’d see of those creepy eye windows.

But over the past year three new projects have popped up from the bubbling black goo that fills the toilet where Hollywood’s creativity now resides. I’ve spoke about most of them in this blog before; The Amityville Tapes, My Amityville Horror and The Amityville Legacy 3D! are the ones to watch for in my opinion. Now another film has splattered onto the scene called The Amityville Haunting from Taut Productions and directed by Geoff Meed who until now has been acting mostly in television and the occasional SyFy movie.

The interwebs tell me that The Amityville Haunting is about a new-family that moves into The House and things don’t go well. This new story is based on the real life crimes of Steven Benson whom you can read about here. I’m not sure what Benson has to do with the house in Amityville but whatever. A haunted house story is a haunted house story right?

Keep in mind that the last time Amityville was fashionable we got nine mostly revolting films out of it before it fizzled out, the last focusing on a dollhouse. So don’t be shocked if Amityville Birdhouse finds its way to Netflix before this is over. This makes me think that I should buckle down and write a script for the Amityville story idea I had a while back.

No word on a release date for any of these sure-fire award winning films but you can bet your demonic pig I’ll be reviewing them here with much glee and delight.

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