My Amityville Horror Seeks to Set the Record Straight


The Amityville Horror is never going to go away. Whether you believe the Lutz’s story or you believe it was all a clever hoax the tale of the house on Long Island is forever a part of the horror lexicon. Those mysterious 28 days in late 1975/early 1976 will always be fascinating.

The movie series spawned from the blood-soaked, pig-infested seed of that house haven’t done much to clear up the facts about the case. Between possessed lamps and haunted doll houses there isn’t very much horror left in Amityville. The waters will be mudied even more when The Amityville Asylum starts production in early 2013. More on that mess in a moment.

Director Eric Walter and Daniel Lutz, the eldest step-son of George and Kathy Lutz, hope to “set the record straight” with the documentary My Amityville Horror which premieres this summer at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Check out the trailer below.

The documentary, which took ten years to research and develop, promises to be a combination supernatural tale and a look at the very real horror that international media exposure can inflict on a family. Having followed this story since the mid-80s I am very excited to hear what Dan has to say. He isn’t the first of the Lutz children to speak about their childhood at 112 Ocean Avenue. In 2005 Christopher Lutz was very vocal about his feud with his late stepfather and the experiences he had in the house. Neither of the Lutz boys have denied anything happened in Amityville, just that the version sold to the media was far from the truth. They both have a story to tell it seems. The third child, Melissa was most likely too young to have any real memories of her time on Ocean Avenue, but is the one most people want to hear from the most. It was her imaginary friend/demonic porcine companion Jodie that gave The Amityville Horror some of its better moments. Jodie didn’t like George, or homely babysitters either.

Now about this newest entry in the franchise, The Amityville Asylum. If it gets made, and it probably will because if Piranhaconda has an audience then so does this, will join the ever-growing list of Amityville projects currently cooking in Hollywood which includes The Amityville Legacy 3-D and The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes. It also looks to be a movie merely cashing in on the brand instead of making a feeble attempt to continue the legend. Asylum takes place in the High Hopes Hospital (see what they did there?) in Amityville and the noctural adventures of its newest janitor, Lisa. Poor Lisa soon realizes that all is not as it seems at the cheerful institution. In addition to being intimidated by staff and enduring the psychotic ramblings of the patients she is further subjected to weird goings on after lights out. Lisa decides to FIND OUT THE TRUTH and of course it is far more terrifying that she could have ever imagined.

Asylum sounds terrible but I can appreciate terrible. I had issues with The Amityville Haunting but I did find things to enjoy about it. I’m sure these other half dozen installments in the franchise will find a way into my heart as well.

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