Is 2014 the Year of Amityville?


If you are any kind of Amityville fan then you probably know who John G. Jones is. In the 1980s he wrote four books about the Lutz family and their ongoing ordeal.  Now, after nearly 25 years of silence Jones is back with the most ambitious Amityville project yet with the least ambitious logo to ever come out of MS Paint.

According to the website Jones and his partner have a handful of projects planned for 2014 including a feature film, a television series and several books including Amityville Horror: The Sequel, The Amityville Horror: The Roots of Evil and The Amityville Horror: The Obsession.

I am all for more Amityville books, cheesy or not. I must admit I am a tad confused though. Jones wrote The Amityville Horror Part II back in 1982 which at the time was the official sequel to Jay Anson’s book. So what is Amityville Horror: The Sequel? The site says it is the “first complete and authorized sequel”, so does that mean what he wrote before was all bullshit? Hmmm. These are important questions! And who authorized it? George and Kathy are dead. I guess the bigger question is who is in charge of the rights to their story now. I can’t imagine either Danny or Chris wanting to fool with it. Sigh. So many questions.


The Amityville Horror: The Obsession sounds a lot like one of the short stories from Amityville: The Evil Escapes also called Obsession. It was actually a decent story that could benefit from some expanded backstory so I am definitely curious about that one. Oh who am I fooling? I will consume all of this voraciously. 

Jones apparently has plans to make 2014 the year of Amityville and that is just fine by me. Stay tuned for mildly obsessive reviews of all of it here.

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