13 More Pictures of the New “Amityville Horror” House

@aeromat has posted some more fantastic shots from the Amityville set. Thanks Dave!

Holographic Meatloaf: The Official Blog of Some Guy Named Dave

First and foremost, I need to explain a little bit.

As I post my pictures of the location and the interest in this movie continues to gain momentum, I’ve witnessed a blatant disregard for the intellectual property in regards to my images. I’ve seen many of them being reposted on Instagram and while I have no problem with that, when users go so far as to crop out my watermark on the image, that’s when it becomes an issue.

The watermarks on the images serve two purposes: to clearly indicate the owner of the image and to deter unauthorized use so when someone doesn’t ask permission or give me credit, at least my Twitter handle will still be visible. That hasn’t been the case with the images I’ve seen on Instagram where the watermark was cropped out completely.

While I understand that trying to prevent images from spreading like wildfire…

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5 thoughts on “13 More Pictures of the New “Amityville Horror” House

    1. omgneal Post author

      Awesome Dave!!! It’s amazing that you can just walk right up to it. Thanks so much for sharing these.


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