Dimension’s “Amityville” gets a release date!


Dimension Films announced that their addition to the eternal Amityville franchise entitled simply “Amityville” will hit US theaters on Friday January 2, 2015. This movie, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bella Thorne, started out at a found footage movie called “Amityville: The Lost Tapes”. Reportedly that script was discarded in favor of a fresh new story involving a single mother (Leigh) who moves into 112 Ocean Avenue with her kids.

Here’s what producer Jason Blum had to say about the project:

“It’s a departure. It’s not inspired. It’s not a retelling of the original Amityville story. That’s all I’m saying. What we did with Amityville is I sat down with Frank and I said, ‘I’m excited to do this because everyone is really cynical about it and thinks it’s going to be terrible. I like being the underdog, so let’s do it.’ But I said, ‘Let’s do something that will be completely unexpected because everyone’s walking into it rolling their eyes.’ You’ll tell me on January 3rd if we did that, but I think we came up with something.”

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