My favorite time of year is here and I have a promising list of horror films to check out in the theaters in the coming weeks (Annabelle, Ouija, Jesabelle)  as well as a reread of The Amityville Curse. October also brought the news that while Amityville: The Awakening may be on hold it sounds like it was for the right reasons. The director said recently that the initial screenings were promising but they wanted to play with the ending a bit and “spruce up the special effects”. I’m guessing for a spring/summer release at this point, so *fingers crossed*!

As much as I love Halloween I really don’t get into the trick or treating, costume aspect of it. Our tradition involves gathering at a friends house and watching horror movies and eating as much junk food as possible. I usually sneak in a viewing of at least one Amityville film during the month as well. This year I think I’ll watch one I haven’t seen in a while.

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