Coming Soon: Amityville Playhouse

Howdy folks! It’s been a while. Not much has been happening in the world of Amityville lately…until now.


Remember that misunderstood classic The Amityville Asylum? Well the Brits are at it again with The Amityville Playhouse. I’ll let them explain.

Following the tragic death of her parents Fawn Harriman discovers she has inherited a theatre in the town of Amityville. She, along with 3 friends, decides to spend the weekend there looking the place over. Meanwhile one of her High School teachers begins an investigation into the village’s past and makes a connection with something that goes back beyond recorded history.

And here I thought Amityville Dollhouse was a ridiculous premise. We don’t have a release date for this future Best Picture nominee, nor do we have a release date for Amityville: The Awakening, but rest assured I’ll be keeping an eye out for info so you don’t have to. Meanwhile…here’s some more ideas for future Amityville sequels:

Amityville: Next Right (Exit to TERROR)

Amityville DMV: License to Kill

Amityville Toll Booth  (Pay with your LIFE)


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