New on DVD: Amityville Death House

I have failed you dear Amityville fans and I apologize. Somehow this little movie starring legend of the big and small screen Eric Roberts has somehow completely escaped my radar.

Amityville Death House

The plot goes something like this: Tiffany and her friends visit her grandmother in Amityville (oh noes!) and discover the spirit of an angry old witch haunts the old woman’s house. The witch seeks revenge on the descendants of the people responsible for her death and mayhem ensues. It always does.

Check out the trailer:

It would seem every house in Amityville has those cool quarter-moon windows. Aside from that this doesn’t appear to be related to the shenanigans over on Ocean Avenue. Amityville Death House is directed by Mark Polonia for Monogram Pictures and is out on DVD TOMORROW! I dig the groovy retro movie poster so I’ll be ordering my copy today.

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