Amityville: The Awakening still alive!

Dimension’s entry into the Amityville franchise seems to have been languishing in no man’s land since we first saw that great trailer last year. Amityville: The Awakening was supposed to come out in January but was yanked from the schedule for reshoots and other mysterious movie-people terms.


With another new film coming out soon…The Lazarus Effect…producer Jason Blum let slip some info on the Amityville movie. Here is what he had to say:

“We’re still in post on it. I’m very, very happy with it. We’re continuing to have conversations with Dimension and Weinstein about how it’s going to come out, but it’s definitely going to come out. I think people are going to like it, Jennifer Jason Leigh is great in the movie. I’m hoping to do another movie with Franck. I’m really pleased with it, my guess is we’ll announce when it’ll come out sometime in the next twelve months.”

Personally I am hoping for a Halloween release.

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