The Conjuring: Amityville


Moviepilot posted a story recently where they explain why the next film in The Conjuring series should be about Amityville. You will shocked to learn that I couldn’t agree more! I’ll admit I thought they were going this route when the movie ended with Lorraine telling Ed they had been asked to go to Long Island to investigate a case. I was TINGLING with excitement I tell you. TINGLING. Then they went and made that movie about that Raggedy Anne doll called Annabelle. I enjoyed it…but was a bit disappointed.


I’ve always wanted to see a movie that not only addressed the investigation of the Amityville Horror house but also the media frenzy that gave birth to the franchise. As it stands the next time we will see the Warren’s on screen will follow their investigation of the famous Enfield Poltergeist. I am excited to see that, but should they be able to talk Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson into another installment let’s hope they take a drive up to 112 Ocean Avenue. Something tells me we’d get to see that film before Amityville: The Awakening ever gets released.

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