Meet Jodie

Halloween is still a ways off but it is never too early for costume ideas. Trick or Treat Studios has the perfect costume idea for the discerning Amityville fanatic. Why not go to your office party dressed as Jodie the Pig Demon?


“But Jodie was a little girl!” you say? No, Jodie wasn’t a little girl. The writers of the 2005 Remake Who Must Not Be Named turned her into a little girl because that movie The Ring was popular and suddenly little girls were scary again! Well, scarier than normal. “Jodie” was actually a demonic pig who befriended the youngest Lutz daughter and famously told her she was doomed to play there in the house with her “forever and ever”. Shudder. Jodie revealed itself to George at the end of the film which set him off raging through the house with an axe before coming to his senses and getting his family out of the house for good. This scene scared the crap out of me at the time! It still gives me a chill or two. oink


The Trick or Treat Studios says that this mask is modeled after the character of Jodie from the upcoming film Amityville: The Awakening for which we still do not have a release date. I don’t have any suggestions for what one might wear with this creepy Jodie mask besides a white sheet or maybe some overalls. Maybe the fact that it has leaked means that Awakening, which based on this is sounding better and better, is coming sooner rather than later. Either way, you’ve got Halloween sorted already. Now you just need a jar of flies and a crucifix.

Here is a clip of Jodie in action from the 1979 film.

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