Don’t Go To Sleep…Amityville Nightmares is coming

Another Amityville film is about to begin production. This isn’t a big budget extravaganza like the forthcoming Amityville: The Awakening. Amityville Nightmares sounds more along the lines of Shattered Hopes meets The Amityville Haunting. I’ll let the press release explain:

Coming off the success of Pale Horse, producer Kim Durham, and production partners, Wayne and Maria Durham have acquired the rights to bestselling author Amy Miles new book ‘Visitation: An Amityville Nightmare Novel, along with the rights to Award winning horror director, Pearry Teo’s (Curse of Sleeping Beauty, Dracula) screenplay by the same title. Teo has been attached to direct the picture which is currently in pre-production. 

The novel is inspired by the Amityville Horror series and will focus on theories and real life accounts of the original DeFeo murders.

“At this point, it is an honor to have a peak at Amy’s manuscript before it is published, so getting in early into the game proves to be a huge advantage for us” says Teo. “And it’s always a pleasure to work with the Durham team as we really founded a synergy together with Pale Horse”.

Amy Miles added, “I have always been fascinated with paranormal activity, evil spirits crossing over into our realm and wondering what the reasons are for these unexplained events. After researching various tales I began to write VISITATION, an Amityville Nightmare novel, inspired by true events. This novel blends fear of reality with a very real fear of what could be. I’m thrilled to partner with Pearry Teo to bring the story to life.”

Teo talks about the pre-production period as he is working closely with producers to finalize the script and scouting for locations, “it’s tough to shoot in Amityville, NY. We would definitely like to work with people that we’ve had a great working relationship with so it’s going to be a tough decision where we eventually end up shooting. But the producers and I want to keep it intimate, because I believe that’s what horror is, an intimate relationship between the audience and their primal instinct of fear and the unknown.”

Casting for the movie is expected to begin in August.


I can’t find any info on when Visitation: An Amityville Nightmare by Amy Miles will be available, not even on the author’s website.

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