Amityville XIX

The interwebs has the news that another Amityville movie will hit the Amazon Instant Video on April 1, the same day Amityville: The Awakening hits theaters. This one is called Amityville: Vanishing Point and is 18 year-old director Dylan Greenberg’s second feature. This will be the 19th movie in this series.


NINETEENTH. Hit the cut for the gory details.

Here is the official synopsis:

Two close knit young women living in an Amityville boarding house with their eccentric caretaker and an esoteric younger sibling experience the loss of their best friend, Margaret. An odd, cowboy hat-clad detective is sent to investigate but gets more than he bargained for when his motives are called into question by the paranoid inhabitants of the house. As tensions run high, the girls start to suspect that perhaps, their friend isn’t as dead as they believed and the house itself may be turning on them. This new portrayal of the Amityville legend is based on true events and provides a side of Amityville never seen before.


Amityville: Vanishing Point stars Selena Mars, Amanda Flowers, Sara Kaiser, Mickala McFarlane, Jurgen Azael Munster as well as guest spots by Catie Corcoran, Zac Amico and Lloyd Kaufman.

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