The Etsyville Horror

My favorite thing about the internet is now folks with very specific interest and obsessions can find just about anything to satisfy them. Case in point: this Amityville dollhouse I found on Etsy.


It was built using the HO model kit “Amityville Vacation House” The amazing part is that it is a working dollhouse! The front facade and roof are removable to reveal a very detailed interior.


I can’t even begin to understand how to make furniture that small. Color me impressed. I guess it was too much to hope for a tiny red room or tiny streaks of blood on the staircase. This little slice of terror doesn’t come cheap though, and it can be yours just by following this handy link.


2 thoughts on “The Etsyville Horror

    1. omgneal Post author

      Good point. At one point I wanted to create a train set with a town consisting of only buildings from horror films. I realized pretty fast that very few models existed and I’d be doing a lot of custom work so I abandoned that idea. I did get HO scale models of the Psycho House and the Munsters House. I was always bummed that an “official” Amityville model doesn’t exist. This kit is the closest you can get.


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