Conjuring 2 gets A+ for accuracy

I have not seen The Conjuring 2 yet which is inexcusable given that it has a fairly significant connection to the Amityville story. The film opens with the seance Ed and Lorraine Warren  (played by Vera Farming & Patrick Wilson) performed at 112 Ocean Avenue in the months after the Lutz family fled in 1976. The Warrens then move on to England to investigate the Enfield Haunting. I was hoping that they made some effort to get the Amityville house right in this latest effort and it seems I won’t be disappointed.

Check out this pic of director James Waan in the set for Ronald DeFeo’s bedroom. Note the groovy wallpaper and then compare to the crime scene photo from 1974.



Pretty groovy right? I have to give props when a filmmaker makes an effort to get even the small details right.

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