Amityville Fun Land

A resourceful gentleman from England has started a GoFundMe page to raise the funds to buy the Amityville Horror House and open it to the public.


We want to buy the house and make it into an attraction. During most of the year the house will be open to the public for visits and as a B&B so people can spend this night in this haunted house.

During the Halloween period the house and the grounds will become home to the best Halloween attraction around.

This has been tried before, and the Amityville City Council shut it down pretty fast. The only way I could get behind an effort like this is if the house was moved somewhere else. I had a brilliant idea a while back for a horror themed amusement park where all the iconic horror houses from film and television could be recreated on one residential street, each housing its own uniquely themed haunted house attraction. The Amityville House could be dismantled and moved there.

It wouldn’t just be haunted houses though. Other areas of the park would feature other genres, like alien abduction movies, monster movies, etc. A new JAWS ride could open there, and Camp Crystal Lake could be an actual resort with cabins and so forth. Of course there would be an entire section for Stephen King, and a New Orleans street for all the vampires and voodoo queens. Fun for the entire family!

Considering he has raised 0$ since the campaign began three months ago I don’t think the city of Amityville has anything to worry about. Meanwhile I think I’ll start a GoFundMe for my horror theme park idea. 100 million should get me started, don’t ya think?

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