Amityville: The Awakening Int’l Trailer is Here!

*wakes up and cleans the covfefe from my eyes*

Four score and seven years ago Dimension Films announced a new Amityville film called Amityville: The Awakening. It promised a decent cast, a damn fine house, and a return to the origins of what made us like this story to begin with.

But then the White Witch cursed us to an eternal winter of bad television reboots and another Spiderman movie. Now the fog is clearing it seems and later this month we will finally get to see this movie awaken with all its schmaltzy horror goodness.

Check out the new trailer! It has much awesomeness.

This trailer runs circles around the first one, which looked more like a reboot of The Haunting in Connecticut than an Amityville movie. This one is perfection. Did you notice Jodie the Pig? The Red Room? Its all there. I am so much more excited now.

Amityville:The Awakening drops in the US on 6/29 and abroad on 7/14.

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