Amityville: The Final Chapter Hoax

Last night I was bored senseless and scrolling Amazon Prime for something to watch while my new puppy chewed on my sweatshirt. I came across a movie called Amityville: The Final Chapter and immediately cued it up. Another Amityville movie? Yeah it was probably gonna be bad but it was better than parking on HGTV and watching another Fixer Upper marathon.

It was bad…very bad, and not at all connected to the Amityville franchise in any way whatsoever. Someone slapped a new title on this mess to grab some views I guess. I lasted about forty minutes before I bailed and did some research. This is actually a movie called Sickle and it is TERRIBLE.

There are some terrible Amityville films, don’t get me wrong, but at least they try to stay in the universe even if they do skirt the far edges of it. Don’t bother with this. I might have given it a chance if they hadn’t pulled that stunt.

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