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New Limited Edition Amityville Horror Blu-Ray

Darn the DVD industry for figuring out ways to get me to buy multiple copies of one film. Now MGM has re-released a handful of classic horror films (some old, some new) with limited edition cover art. The new artwork for my beloved Amityville Horror is pretty dang awesome.


Other titles in this release include Carrie, Last House on the Left, Jeepers Creepers and Misery among others. You can get them at Best Buy.

More Amityville Artwork!


The internets are full of artists reimagining classic movie posters to the delight of film geeks everywhere. Back in February I shared a photo of the awesome movie poster the folks over at had created for The Amityville Horror. The trend continues with this work of art from Odd City Entertainment.

Gorgeous isn’t it? Both posters celebrate the 2005 remake and like the one from Skuzzles it glows in the dark, and I think I like the alternate version a little better.


I will admit I’d love to see someone use the 1979 movie house in one of these but I ain’t bitchin. You can pick one of these up for yourself by visiting their online store. Act fast though, this is a limited run.