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I Own 112 Ocean Avenue

I completed the model! This thing was complicated, and I have to give David (the creator) mad props for how detailed and accurate this thing is. Sadly I didn’t assemble it as perfectly as I could have. I am impatient with things like this and usually plow ahead like a freight train instead of taking the time to check fittings and being meticulous. It was a wonder that I took the time to paint it. My biggest flub was getting glue that dried white instead of clear. Oh well…we live and learn right?



My Amityville Model

Earlier this year a fellow Amityville addict posted on the Amityville Truth Board that he had built a scale model of 112 Ocean Avenue. He works for the Optical Power Group in the UK and they do laser cutting. From the looks of their Facebook page a lot of what they do is scale models, and the one he did of the Amityville house is amazing. So I ordered one.

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The Amityville Kitchen

I know the title of this post sounds like the latest in a string of questionable sequels to The Amityville Horror, but this is actually about a kitchen. I am a house nut, which helps explain part of the reason for my obsession with this story, and horror fan or not you have to admit 112 Ocean Avenue is a great house. As much as it pains me the owners who have lived there in the decades since the DeFeos have updated the home to meet the needs of modern living. Personally I love a kitsch mid-century/70s house but not everyone does. Recently the horror house changed hands again and new owners immediately made some changes. Lucky for us the design firm that did the work shared the before and after photos with the interwebs.


Check it out below. For your viewing pleasure I included pics from 1974 for comparison.

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