Review: Amityville Horror – The Evil Escapes (1989)

“Lamps don’t have memories.”

Title card for Amityville: The Evil Escapes
Why not The Amityville Horror Part IV: The Evil Escapes

After the dismal failure of Amityville 3-D the house on Ocean Avenue and its demons were relegated to low-budget made for television movies. That remained the case for the next 15 years actually. Amityville: The Evil Escapes (or Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes) aired on NBC on May 12, 1989. I was weeks away from graduating high school and you can bet your ass I was parked in front of the television ready for some fly-covered terror.

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Review: Amityville 3-D (The Demon)

“There’s evil in this place.”

In February of 1976, mere weeks after they fled the house in Amityville the Lutzs contacted the Parapsychology Institute of America and spoke to their director Stephen Kaplan. According to Kaplan they requested an investigation of the house to prove their claims that demonic forces infested the place. Kaplan was happy to oblige free of charge, but reminded George Lutz that if he found their story to be a hoax…he would make that information public. Lutz cancelled the investigation shortly thereafter.

The Lutzs ended up famously calling Ed and Lorraine Warren which led to a highly dramatic televised seance in the dining room of the house. Kaplan went on to be one of the Lutzs biggest critics. He wrote a book in 1995 called The Amityville Horror Conspiracy that claims the entire story was nothing but a money grab. I mention all of this feuding and drama because after watching 1983’s stinker Amityville 3-D I realized that its very possible David Ambrose had Kaplan in mind when he penned this script.

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Pigs in space?

Folks of a certain age might recall a segment on The Muppet Show called Pigs in Space. It was super silly and I loved it. Everything is better in space right? Just ask Vin Diesel.

Now that we have Space Force to protect us someone has decided that the only way to finally defeat Jodie the Pig is to launch the Amityville House into space.

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Review: Amityville II: The Possession

“They’d be better off if you killed them.”

It seems strange to admit that I am obsessed with a particular crime, especially one so senseless and brutal. I realize now that I am not alone in this. Since podcasts became a thing in the early 2000s it seems like the main thing anyone listens to is true crime related. (#AdnanDidIt) The stories are compelling with twists and turns and I’ve spent countless hours in the car listening to stories of murder and mayhem. Give S-Town a listen if you have time. It’s a real gem and I really did not see the turn coming.

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Review: The Amityville Horror (1979)

“Houses don’t have memories.”

James Brolin and Margot Kidder

“For God’s Sake, Get Out!”

The tagline is legendary…well to me at least. It’s larger than the film’s title on the poster and echoes the sentiment of many people in the late seventies when they read about what happened to George and Kathy Lutz in Amityville. “Get Out” they did, and kicked off a firestorm.

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