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On the Nightstand: Amityville – The Nightmare Continues


Not long ago I ran across a box of paperbacks in my basement that I feared had been lost forever. This box contained most of my Stephen King paperbacks and my collection of the ten Amityville books that I collected as a teenager. Since I was in between books at the time I chose to reread a few of these.

I am still a bit astonished that this case had the life that it did, remaining high in the public’s consciousness well into the 1990s thanks in no small part to this series of novels. The last of these books, Amityville: The Nightmare Continues by Robin Karl was published in 1991 and I chose this one to read first based on the “true story” blurb on the cover and the Non-Fiction classification on the spine. I was curious to see just how true this tale would turn out to be.

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