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New Amityville film FINALLY gets a release date

Well I’m annoyed.

The next Amityville movie, formerly known as The Awakening, then renamed The Reawakening, and now renamed again back to The Awakening is finally going to see the inside of a movie theater. IN 2016. Blumhouse Productions confirmed the news via their Twitter page late yesterday.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.34.59 AM

Seems to me Halloween would make more sense, but as we have learned time and time again I don’t make the rules.



There has been some slight rumblings in the movie news department concerning the latest film in the Amityville series. After dropping a fantastic trailer last winter Amityville: The Awakening quickly disappeared from the release schedule. Originally it was due to hit theaters this past January but reshoots and schedule conflicts delayed it indefinitely. Things might be moving along though. We noticed this week that The Motion Picture Association of America has released their latest ratings bulletin and something interesting caught our eye.

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