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My Amityville Horror on DVD

Eric Walter’s fantastic documentary My Amityville Horror is finally getting a DVD release on August 6th. There is no mention of a Blu-Ray at this point, but the features will include a full commentary and some sort of featurette. If you have any interest at all in the story I highly recommend checking out this film. You can learn more about it here.


My Amityville Horror Seeks to Set the Record Straight


The Amityville Horror is never going to go away. Whether you believe the Lutz’s story or you believe it was all a clever hoax the tale of the house on Long Island is forever a part of the horror lexicon. Those mysterious 28 days in late 1975/early 1976 will always be fascinating.

The movie series spawned from the blood-soaked, pig-infested seed of that house haven’t done much to clear up the facts about the case. Between possessed lamps and haunted doll houses there isn’t very much horror left in Amityville. The waters will be mudied even more when The Amityville Asylum starts production in early 2013. More on that mess in a moment.

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