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Review: Amityville II: The Possession

“They’d be better off if you killed them.”

It seems strange to admit that I am obsessed with a particular crime, especially one so senseless and brutal. I realize now that I am not alone in this. Since podcasts became a thing in the early 2000s it seems like the main thing anyone listens to is true crime related. (#AdnanDidIt) The stories are compelling with twists and turns and I’ve spent countless hours in the car listening to stories of murder and mayhem. Give S-Town a listen if you have time. It’s a real gem and I really did not see the turn coming.

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Amityville Horror Soundtrack to get reissue.


One of the best things about the 1979 horror classic The Amityville Horror is the Oscar nominated score by Lalo Schifrin. Aside from a vinyl release back in the late 70s the original score has not been available. There was a re-recording of it released in the early 2000s but it didn’t quite have the same feel to it. Now, thanks to Quartet Records the original 1979 score is being remastered from the original tapes and reissued in its entirety on October 8, 2015! Let the heavens rejoice!

You can snag a copy here. Act fast though, as they are only making 1000 copies, and sadly it is only available on CD.