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Review: The Amityville Haunting


Just like Saw gave birth to a dozen torture porn movies the same has happened to found footage. While the genre was born into the mainstream with The Blair Witch Project (or The Last Broadcast…depending on who you ask) almost 13 years ago the latest round of “lost tapes” movies owe their existence to the more recent success of Paranormal Activity and its sequels. It is from this bag of tricks that former stuntman Geoff Meed has pieced together The Amityville Haunting.

The movie opens with a group of horny teens breaking into the notorious house (more on the house in a bit) for an evening of ghost hunting and sex. If you are familiar with the rules established by the original Scream then you already know that these kids are as good as dead, but not before a gratuitous tit shot and some of the most boring bathroom sex I’ve ever seen. From there the setup is simple. Shortly after this massacre the Benson family moves in and the movie begins playing fast and loose with the Amityville legend.

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